Prussian White is a framework material consisting of sodium, iron, carbon and nitrogen. The large pores inside the material enable the capture and storage of a range of atoms or molecules making the compound highly interesting for a number of applications.

Fennac Production

Altris has developed a method to produce Prussian White in a form ideal for use as a positive electrode material in sodium-ion batteries. We named it Fennac. The utilisation of iron as a source of electrons and completely filling the material with sodium, provides a theoretical capacity of 170 mAh/g and average voltage output of 3.2 V vs Na/Na+.


Fennac is produced via a patented low temperature and pressure synthesis route in a fully-sodiated form. Fennac offers a competitive and sustainable alternative without sacrificing performance.


To make a battery, Fennac is combined with a hard carbon anode and our patented nonflammable electrolyte in a patent pending production process to allow for drop in manufacturing in an industry standard lithium-ion production line.