Our Team

Management Team

Dr Tim Nordh


Dr Tim Nordh has great experience in the analysis of interfacial reactions in lithium-ion batteries. Tim obtained his PhD at Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at Uppsala University in 2017.

Dr Ronnie Mogensen

Chief Scientist

Dr Ronnie Mogensen obtained his doctorate at Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at Uppsala University in 2020. For Altris, Ronnie is responsible for up-scaling the synthesis of electrode materials for Na-ion batteries.

Wictor Billström


Wictor Billström has an MSc in Business Adminstration and Economics from Stockholm University, an Investment Management Certificate from CFA UK and more than 15 years of experience from the finance and insurance industry

Giyoung Nam

Head of Supply Chain

Giyoung Nam has a background in diverse operational matters and industrial engineering , with over 12 years experience working in operations, SCM, process innovation and logistics in the consumer electronics industry.

Andreas Bergfelt

Head of Business Development

Andreas Bergfelt’s background is working with polymeric materials in corrosive environments at Swerea KIMAB, as well as a sales representative for industrial equipment for the chemical industry at Thurne.

Alex Guan

Head of Fennac Sales China

Alex Guan is based in Altris’ Guangzhou office where he heads up sales in China. Alex’s background was as a sales & marketing manager selling cathode material in Umicore.


Torbjorn Sternsjo

Torbjörn Sternsjö


Torbjörn Sternsjö is the President Europe of Gränges , the innovative aluminum engineering company.  Torbjörn has held various senior positions within Gränges and Sapa since 1994 and has a wealth of experience in business development and industrial engineering. Torbjörn serves as the Chairman of Altris’ board.

Dr William Brant

Board Member

Dr William R. Brant is an Associate Professor at the Ångström Advanced Battery Center. For Altris, William is primarily responsible for the development of new synthesis methods of Prussian Blue and Prussian White analogous.

Dr Reza Younesi

Board Member

Reza Younesi is an Associate Professor at Ångström Advanced Battery Centre (ÅABC) at Uppsala University. In Altris, Reza has the role of research leader to develop sodium-ion battery prototypes.

Thore Sekkenes

Board Member

Thore Sekkenes is the European Battery Alliance Program Director, Industry at InnoEnergy Scandinavia. Thore has extensive experience with project management, engineering and technical development, business development, product planning, market analysis and marketing and sales.

Morgan Sadarangani

Morgan Sadarangani

Board Member

Morgan Sadarangani is the founder of Molindo Energy AB, an energy fund start-up. Morgan was the CFO of Tethys Oil, a Nasdaq Stockholm listed company, from 2004 to 2017. Prior to Tethys Oil, he worked at SEB and Enskilda Securities department of Corporate Finance.

Patrik Andreasson

Board Member

Patrik Andreasson is Vice President Strategy at Northvolt, with a background in technology, industrial and corporate development consulting. Patrik holds a MSc in Financial Economics from the University of Gothenburg.