Founder completes PhD

June 2020:

Today Dr Ronnie Mogensen successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Realization of Sodium-ion Batteries: From Electrode to Electrolyte Materials” against the opponent Prof. Kang Xu Adelphi Laboratory Center (ALC), Army Research Laboratory.

Ronnie started his PhD in late 2015 and over the past four and a half years has managed to publish 12 papers, two patents, helped to found Altris and produce his final PhD thesis. The thesis covers all things sodium ion batteries, from the development of a reliable positive electrode material (Prussian white), to analysis of interphase formation on the negative electrode and finally development of new non-flammable functional electrolytes for sodium ion batteries. The work in the thesis forms a significant contribution to the field and will inform future research for years to come.

Ronnie will continue working on developing the electrolyte for sodium ion batteries while also officially joining the Altris team from the 1stof July. He will be working to help further improve our production process while boosting material performance.

Congratulations Ronnie and welcome officially to the Altris team!

Dr Ronnie Mogensen sitting, and Supervisor Prof Reza Younezi standing.