EIT InnoEnergy invest in Altris

August 2017: 

After passing a rigorous selection and opportunity assessment process, Altris is now a part of the EIT InnoEnergy Highway® program. Adam Dahlquist of EIT InnoEnergy was assigned as a business coach. The
partnership with EIT InnoEnergy gives Altris access to a range of business support services including funding for IP protection, access to seed money, team expansion and assistance with going to market
and achieving the first customer. To become a part of the network of 171 supported startups, a business idea was submitted to the
Swedish office, where it underwent an opportunity assessment. The assessment comprised three criteria, innovation novelty and technology, market potential and team competencies. Once
successful Altris was assigned a business coach, Adam Dahlquist. InnoEnergy provides Altris’s employees with access to training, investors and a European-wide network of industry partners.
Since 2010 the Highway® program has received 2078 applications, of which only 217 were assessed leading to 171 start-ups supported. The accelerator program is dedicated to enabling start-up companies to formulate a business plan and eventually make their first sale. The overall aim is to invest in companies for the long term and provide Busines Creation Services to support start-ups which will help expand and improve Europe’s energy sector.
Altris will ultimately gain access to advise, services and training, financial support and networks. By joining the Highway® program the business will grow much faster and become more widely known.

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