Altris named as one of the most innovative cleantech start-ups in the Nordic-Baltics

August 2021:

Altris AB has been named as 1 of the 25 most innovative, promising and ready-to-scale companies in the Nordic-Baltic region by CleanTech Scandinavia — for creating a renewable and cost-efficient alternative to lithium-ion batteries. This accolade comes from the 10th edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open competition, which recognises up and coming cleantech innovation trends that support the transition to a low carbon reality.

CleanTech Scandinavia annually evaluates start-ups with market-oriented propositions based on their level of innovation, market potential and the ability of the team to execute ideas. The jury panel is made up of 50 individuals from the worlds of venture capital firms, multinational industries, the utility sector, development agencies and public investment.

Altris was recognised for providing an alternative to today’s dominating battery chemistry — lithium-ion batteries — which requires raw materials that are scarce, toxic and geographically difficult to extract. Altris instead creates a cathode material for sodium-ion batteries, Fennac®, that is based on abundant, non-critical and renewable raw materials. Whilst this type of material is not new in itself, Altris has a new and patented method for manufacturing the material using low temperature and ambient pressure — making it a more sustainable and cost-efficient alternative.

‘It’s truly humbling for Altris to be recognised in this way’, says Adam Dahlquist, Altris CEO. ‘Altris was founded on the idea that in order for a truly sustainable future to be realised — safer, more environmentally friendly and affordable batteries are vital. This is why we produce the world’s first high performing cathode material made completely from renewable and low-cost materials — and it’s an honour to see CleanTech Scandinavia recognise this’.

The top 25 companies recognised today will meet next month in Smygehuk, Sweden, to participate in the next phase of the competition. There, they will be assessed again by the jury before the top 10 will progress to the Nordic Cleantech Open Finals.