Altris Founder Completes Docentship

February 2021:

We are pleased to announce that Altris’ Dr William Brant has successfully fulfilled the criteria for his docentship, elevating him to the role of Associate Professor at Uppsala University.

Dr Brant’s research focuses on the dynamic non-equilibrium processes in crystalline materials that govern the performance of devices and the formation of new materials. These processes take place at the sub-nanometer scale, such as the arrangement, movement and relaxation of atoms—to the macroscopic scale where inter-particle interactions drive device performance. Dr Brant’s particular focus is on how to use diffraction techniques to follow these non-equilibrium changes and direct the design of new materials.

One of the requirements for the docenship was the successful completion of a lecture on the research topic. Dr Brant’s lecture was entitled ‘300 years of Prussian Blue: The journey from unscrupulous alchemists to sustainable batteries’.

At Altris Dr Brant is one of the original founders and a current board member. He played a key role defining the original synthesis method upon which the company has been built. Today, using his expertise on Prussian blue analogues, Dr Brant provides insight on material design and performance of Fennac®.

Congratulations William!