Altris acknowledged as ‘one of the best and most innovative tech companies in Sweden’

For the second year in a row, Altris has been named in Ny Teknik’s prestigious 33-listan. The annual award from the Swedish magazine acknowledges the 33 best and most innovative tech companies in Sweden — those with the potential to revolutionise their industries both in Sweden, and around the world.

For the 14th consecutive year, Ny Teknik has highlighted Sweden’s 33 most promising young tech companies that have the greatest chance to become leaders in their respective fields. For the first time, companies were only included in the list if they were seen to be contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Many companies are evaluated each year — with only the likes of Altris, Northvolt, Cake and Graphmatech, to name a few, making the final list in 2021.

‘It is a great honour that Altris is again named as 1 of the 33 best and most innovative tech companies in Sweden’ says Adam Dahlquist, Altris CEO. ‘We truly believe that the battery-world is primed to move towards producing sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient sodium-ion batteries. With our first industrial scale production facility opening next year, we stand ready to provide cell producers with the materials they need to make the transition’.

Companies making this year’s list work with a range of technical solutions, from energy solutions to biotechnology and robotics, from AI to logistics solutions. All 33 companies have one thing in common though: they were formed around their own technical innovation and have the potential to reach an international market.

You can read the full 33-listan here (in Swedish)