About us

Altris was founded in 2017 with the aim of producing highly sustainable cathode materials for rechargeable sodium batteries to enable a renewable future.

Our research focuses on the development of electrodes that are comprised entirely of highly abundant and safe materials. Large-scale production and processing of our product on a battery pilot line is currently underway, demonstrating the feasibility of implementing the technology as a “drop-in” solution.


The product is an iron and sodium based electrode material that we call Fennac, which is readily produced in large quantities via a low energy process. The competitive energy density makes the material suitable for sodium ion batteries applied for stationary energy storage, to support the grid and other applications where a low cost alternative is attractive.


We believe that batteries should enable a renewable future without sacrificing customers’ money or the environment. To this end, Altris is working together with Swedish and European partners to introduce the technology to the mass market.