Altris - We enable the next generation of batteries | PB electrode
Altris is a Swedish company who has discovered a new way to produce a sodium based cathode material using only renewable materials. This world-changing discovery enables a new generation of batteries that are not only friendly to the environment but also cheaper to produce than it’s competitors.
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PB electrode

Altris’s Prussian Blue electrode sheets are casted rectangular sheets of Prussian Blue (NaxFe[Fe(CN)6].nH2O) with x≈1 and n close to zero, for use in fast charging sodium ion batteries. The electrode sheets are available in the dimensions of 25*15 cm, casted on one side. The electrodes are provided with an 8-10 mg/cm2 material loading. However, different mass loading are available upon request.

Prussian Blue electrode sheet
25*15 cm
SEK 350