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October 2019:

Altris has presented at The Advanced Materials Day in Lund hosted by Cleantech Scandinavia, the Material Business Center and the European Union and sponsored by Almi Invest and Lunds Kommun. The event aimed to showcase innovative and sustainable materials with businesses pitching their newest material solutions. Dr Tim Nordh, CEO of Altris, pitched the concept of producing batteries completely from sustainable and readily available sources to investors.

May 2019:

Dr Tim Nordh, CEO of Altris, has received the Åforsk Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The scholarship of 200, 000 SEK will support the scale up Fennac production enabling Altris to move operations from the University to its own locale. Dr Nordh received the scholarhip in recognition of his entrepreneurial drive and the novel, highly innovative business idea which is the foundation of Altris.

The entrepreneurs were selected by the Åforsk foundation together with Swedish Incubators and Science parks. The awards were presented at the Swedish Incubators & Science Park’s annual conference Sweden’s Innovation Day on May 8 in Karlskrona.

10 Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners

May 2018:

A collaboration between Altris and LiFeSiZE has been granted funding for up to two years from Vinnova. The project, titled “Production of up-scaled Na-ion battery prototypes using a novel cathode material” aims to scale up material production to supply LiFeSiZE with enough material to produce casted electrodes. The ultimate aim of the project is to produce a full cell Na battery prototype and evaluate the cells for commercialization.

This project will represent a significant step for Altris as it will be the first step towards reaching the battery market. Access to the casting and battery production equipment at LiFeSiZE will enable rapid progression towards a prototype to demonstrate the market feasibility of Prussian White and Prussian Blue in non-aqueous batteries.
The project marks the beginning of continued collaborations with LiFeSiZE with other projects in planning and several Altris employees working out of the LiFeSiZE facilities.

April 2018:

Tim Nordh, CEO of Altris, has come in second place in the Innovation Race at the 2018 Power Circle summit, which took place in Stockholm on the 23-24th of April. The event was the third and final round in a series of pitch competitions focused on the theme “Paradigm shift in the energy market”.

The Innovation Race competition is held each year by InnoEnergy together with Energimyndigheten enabling 10 startups to pitch their idea. In 200s each company had to convince an audience of their business potential, innovation height and contribution to a sustainable system. The three finalists of an audience vote are then placed by a jury vote.

The 50 000kr prize money will be put to good use in aiding the financing of an upscaled reactor to boost Altris’s production capacity.

August 2017: 

After passing a rigorous selection and opportunity assessment process, Altris is now a part of the EIT InnoEnergy Highway® program. Adam Dahlquist of EIT InnoEnergy was assigned as a business coach. The
partnership with EIT InnoEnergy gives Altris access to a range of business support services including funding for IP protection, access to seed money, team expansion and assistance with going to market
and achieving the first customer. To become a part of the network of 171 supported startups, a business idea was submitted to the
Swedish office, where it underwent an opportunity assessment. The assessment comprised three criteria, innovation novelty and technology, market potential and team competencies. Once
successful Altris was assigned a business coach, Adam Dahlquist. InnoEnergy provides Altris’s employees with access to training, investors and a European-wide network of industry partners.
Since 2010 the Highway® program has received 2078 applications, of which only 217 were assessed leading to 171 start-ups supported. The accelerator program is dedicated to enabling start-up companies to formulate a business plan and eventually make their first sale. The overall aim is to invest in companies for the long term and provide Busines Creation Services to support start-ups which will help expand and improve Europe’s energy sector.
Altris will ultimately gain access to advise, services and training, financial support and networks. By joining the Highway® program the business will grow much faster and become more widely known.

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